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Our Services

AWR Music is a multi-dimensional musical services and production company, providing excellence in live performance, recorded media, content development and creation, performance production and support.  AWR Music has the talent, skill and in-house capacity to achieve all aspects of live performance, audio recording, film and new media production.

Arranging / Orchestration

Arnie and Eric Roth have decades of successful experience arranging and orchestrating music for top performing and recording artists, film, television and other media.  AWR orchestrations have been performed by many of the world’s finest orchestras and by many other ensembles, both transcending genre and existing within genre norms as the work demands.
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Audio production

AWR Music has produced finished audio for commercial audio and video releases, film, television and new media.  Arnie and Eric Roth have led recording sessions as producers and conductors/music directors in studios around the globe and in AWR’s top-notch studio in downtown Chicago (with live room and grand piano).  With dozens of recordings for ensembles of all sizes, from large orchestra and choir to small chamber ensemble and to solo performer, AWR has the capacity to excel in every area of recording production, not only tracking, but mixing and mastering in-house with award-winning results.
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Music Direction / Conducting

Arnie and Eric Roth possess decades of experience leading ensembles on multiple continents.  They’ve worked with top performers, soloists, orchestras, productions in an incredible variety of venues and recording studios worldwide.  Arnie and Eric continue to excel in all music direction services, from programming and production concept and design, to world class performances.
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Musician Contracting

AWR Music routinely hires musicians all over the globe for many prominent artists and productions.  With musician networks extending across oceans, AWR hires experienced and skilled musicians for performances and recordings, tours, public and private events, excelling in every set of circumstances.
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Original Music

AWR music has created award-winning original music for concert performance, dance, theater, film, new media and more.  Arnie and Eric Roth continue to fulfill exciting commissions for new work and collaborate with other artists.
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Tour Production & Support

Along with successful international concert and recording in-house productions, AWR provides tour support and production assistance for artists and productions around the world.  Services include pre-production, booking, technical, logistical support and fully staffed music library.  AWR’s years of experience working with orchestras and ensembles of all sizes produce a high degree of professionalism and excellence for each production.
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Our Story

Beginning in the 1970s, Arnie Roth was a busy freelance violinist in Chicago and, increasingly, a frequently-sought contractor in the area. As his contracting business grew, ongoing professional relationships formed and live music and record production became a major part of what the business called AWR Music does.

The ‘90s into the early ‘00s saw the growth of the musician contracting business on an international scale while music production, for touring and recording artists, as well as orchestrating, film scoring and conducting became the norm for Arnie both in Chicago and around the world. Concert production has always been a part of what AWR Music does, but from 2003 on it became increasingly a concentration, culminating since 2007 in the phenomenal Distant Worlds: music from FINAL FANTASY production.

With a diversely skilled staff and the addition of Music Director Eric Roth in 2008, AWR Music is more capable than ever to provide talent and support. Today AWR Music and AWR Music Productions deliver every aspect of the live concert production, from musician hiring to research and development to performance, from technical and logistical expertise to social media and niche marketing, from original music and the creation of arrangements and orchestrations to all aspects of record production.

AWR Music has created and produced many albums for American Gramaphone Records over the last 20 years, including two recent chart-topping releases with Mannheim Steamroller (Christmas Symphony I and II). Successful professional collaborations include those with Harpo Productions (Oprah), Andrea Bocelli, Diana Ross, Pat Benatar, Jewel, Five For Fighting, Peter Cetera, Dennis DeYoung, The Irish Tenors, and all of the major booking agencies and management companies including WME, IMG Artists, CAA, and Azoff Entertainment.

Our Team

Arnie Roth

Music Director, Conductor, Violinist

Eric Roth

Music Director, Conductor

Eliza Bangert

Music Librarian

Marcy Roth

Production Team

Fritz Hocking

Production Team

Leanne Araya

Production Team

Laura Adkins

Production Team

Sally Hausken

Production Team

Our Clients

AWR has provided services for the clients below, and many others throughout the years!