Arnie Roth has had a great deal of experience as a composer, producer and arranger in the film industry.

Arnie produced and conducted music selections for the Robert Altman film The Company, an ensemble drama set backstage at Chicago's Joffrey Ballet. These selections helped lead to a 2004 Golden Reel Award nomination in Best Sound Editing.

He won the Best Score Award at the 2003 DVD Premiere Awards for his score for the film Barbie™ as Rapunzel and was nominated for an Emmy in 2007 for his original song “Shine” from the movie Barbie™ in The Twelve Dancing Princesses.

He was a producer, composer, conductor and arranger for the following CGI animated films from Mattel Entertainment which have introduced millions of children worldwide to classical ballet:

Arnie was the music producer of nine Barbie™ Princess movies. In addition to classical thematic material adapted from famous composers, each movie contains original underscore composition, and all of the music is produced and conducted by Arnie Roth. By combining the brilliant animation with music of the masters and contemporary popular themes, the Barbie™ “Princess” animated films introduce sophisticated music to young children and help them develop an appreciation for classical orchestral music. This is rare for most children’s animated films. Our strong relationships with orchestras in London and Prague enable us to record the music to these films entirely with live musicians. Unlike many films, we do not create soundtracks with recorded sample libraries. This brings a higher level of artistry to every soundtrack we produce.

Since 2000, Barbie™ films have collectively sold more than 13 million units domestically, with the international distributor Universal Pictures International reporting sales of more than 26 million worldwide. And the success continues; Universal Studios Home Video and Mattel Entertainment released the eighth animated film in the Barbie™ Princess franchise, Barbie™ and The Diamond Castle, which hit stores on September 9, 2008. Barbie™ in a Christmas Carol was released on Nov 4th, 2008.

Titles in the series have repeatedly been nominated for and won awards recognizing outstanding animation, voice performance, and overall quality, from the DVD Premiere Awards and VSDA.

The Company
Starring: Neve Campbell, James Franco Director: Robert Altman
With the complete cooperation of the Joffrey ballet of Chicago: Robert Altman follows the stories of the dancers whose professional & personal lives grow impossibly close. Arnie Roth produced and conducted dance selections throughout the film. These selections helped lead to a 2004 Golden Reel Award nomination in Best Sound Editing.


Barbie™ in the Twelve Dancing Princesses
The 12 Dancing Princesses features an original score written by Arnie Roth and also some themes based on Felix Mendelssohn’s Midsummer Nights Dream and Nocturne. "Shine," the end title song written by Arnie Roth, Amy Powers and Rob Hudnut, was nominated for a 2007 Emmy Award.

Barbie™ as Rapunzel
The story is adapted from the Brothers Grimm fairy tale "Rapunzel". Guest starring Anjelica Huston, and Kelly Sheridan as Rapunzel, AWR again recorded a full orchestral score with the London Symphony Orchestra. We were honored to win the Best Original Score Award at the 2003 DVD Premier Awards, along with two nominations for Best Original Songs, “Constant as the Stars Above," and “Rapunzel’s Theme."

Barbie™ in A Christmas Carol
A Christmas Carol features classic Christmas carols set to full orchestral arrangements. We collaborated with Eric Colvin, an LA based composer who worked on the Mattel Fairytopia series to create a beautiful score for this timeless story based on the original Dickens tale.




Arnie Roth’s many talents extend into the film industry.

The Barbie™ “Princess” animated film series introduces young children to the arts.

Barbie™ and the Diamond Castle
In the creation of Diamond Castle, we used Source-connect for the first time - a Protools plug-in that allowed us to listen to and produce the Czech orchestra remotely while working from our studios in Chicago. The music of Diamond Castle was taken in a pop direction resulting in catchy songs that kids of all ages are already singing everywhere. AWR created a score that fused orchestral music with pop music, collaborating with Chicago composer David Blamires. Amidst the original score, Mr Roth featured music from Symphony #1 by Brahms for the triumphant raising of the castle end scene.

Barbie™ in The Nutcracker
Barbie stars in her very first computer animated movie. The film features the music of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, motion captured ballet movies choreographed by New York City Ballet Master, Peter Martins, and the voice acting of Kelly Sheridan and Tim Curry. AWR wrote and arranged a full orchestral score that was recorded and mixed at Abbey Road studios with the London Symphony Orchestra.

Barbie™ as the Island Princess
The Island Princess is the second film produced to be a musical and features 12 songs, the most of any of the movies. In order to work more efficiently with our clients in California and Vancouver, AWR utilized a video conferencing system. This allows us to work on music edit changes in real-time while our client views the movie from the comfort of his own home or office. We are able to collaborate with composers, editors, and musicians around the world in real time using this new system.

Barbie™ of Swan Lake
The second movie to be based on a Tchaikovsky ballet, Peter Martins provided the choreography, and AWR returned to London’s Abbey Road to create a new 5.1 score. Kelsey Grammer guest stars, and Kelly Sheridan returns as Barbie.

Barbie™ in The Princess and the Pauper Movie
Barbie stars in her first musical and introduces Melissa Lyons & Julie Stevens as the singing voice of Barbie. AWR recorded the score at Abbey Road with the LSO, and worked with Martin Short who provided the speaking and singing parts of the evil villain, Preminger. The singing voices in this movie were translated into 24 different languages, and AWR works closely with Entertainment Rights in London to provide vocals in each language. For the most accurate dialects, the voices are recorded in each country with a native singer, and selected takes are sent to AWR’s Chicago studios where we edit and mix into the final 5.1 score.

Barbie™ in The Magic of Pegasus
The score for this film was recorded in the beautiful Dvorak Hall Rudolfinum in Prague with the Czech Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra. The original score also includes themes from Symphony #6 “Pastorale” by Ludwig Van Beethoven and “Peer Gynt – In the Hall of the Mountain King” by Edvard Grieg.

AWR Music is an excited and visionary participant in the exploding digital revolution, providing original music and sound design for companies like and its line of Apple iPhone and iPod applications (Curious George's Dictionary and Mobile Zodiac). We have the experience and insight necessary for developing interactive media.

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Arnie Roth’s reputation as a music director and conductor of live video game symphony events, and his extensive experience as a film soundtrack composer and producer make him a natural for the exciting field of video game soundtracks.

Arnie is currently working with renowned video game soundtrack composer Nobuo Uematsu on new orchestrations of Nobuo’s FINAL FANTASY Series compositions.

Arnie has worked extensively with most of the world’s most renowned composers of videogame scores, including Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy), Jeremy Soule (The Elder Scrolls), Jason Hayes (World of Warcraft), Martin O’Donnell and Mike Salvatori (HALO), Yoko Shimomura (Kingdom Hearts), Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill), Chris Huelsbeck (Amiga and Commodore videogames), Yuzo Koshiro (Sega, Shinobi, ActRaiser, New Super Mario Bros), and Koji Kondo (Super Mario Bros).

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a classically trained violinist, composer, and GRAMMY award-winning artist

Arnie Roth has years of experience in many aspects of broadcast music as a performer, conductor, composer, producer, and musical contractor. Television projects have included countless commercial spots, variety show appearances and production work on all major networks, PBS, and international TV.