I am excited to be conducting Nobuo Uematsu's captivating music and to collaborate with him on Distant Worlds: music from FINAL FANTASY!

I first met Nobuo-san when I conducted the Dear Friends: music from FINAL FANTASY tour in 2005. It has been a great joy to work with him on many wonderful projects including the concert and CD More Friends, I was also deeply honored to be invited by Uematsu-san and SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. to conduct the Voices performance in Japan in 2006.

Performing and recording these renowned works by the innovative and talented composer Nobuo Uematsu has been a wonderful experience.

Grammy-winning artist Arnie Roth is well known in the world of video game music for his work with Nobuo Uematsu and SQUARE ENIX as Music Director and Conductor of Dear Friends: music from FINAL FANTASY, More Friends: music from FINAL FANTASY and Voices: music from FINAL FANTASY.


I am greatly honored that the 2007 Distant Worlds: music from FINAL FANTASY tour will commemorate the 20th anniversary of FINAL FANTASY and will premiere exactly 20 years after the first game hit the market in December of 1987.

The long-term success of the FINAL FANTASY series is due primarily to all of your unending support. Special thanks go to Arnie Roth and Thomas Boecker, without whom the Distant Worlds tour would not be possible. I greatly appreciate their support.

My wish is for my music to reach beyond racial, national and religious boundaries and to bring the enjoyment of music to everyone.

Nobuo Uematsu is one of the most celebrated composers in the video game field and a major contributor in the increasing appreciation and awareness of video game music. He has achieved global recognition for his work on the FINAL FANTASY series.

AWR Music Productions, LLC is proud to present the official symphony concert world-tour Distant Worlds: music from FINAL FANTASY commemorating the 20th anniversary of FINAL FANTASY. Featuring the music of Japanese video game composer Nobuo Uematsu and conducted by Grammy award-winner Arnie Roth, this spectacular concert series will travel around the world premiering December 4, 2007 in Stockholm, Sweden. The award-winning music from SQUARE ENIX's world-renowned FINAL FANTASY video game series performed by the full orchestra and the state of the art videos and art stills shown on massive screens will highlight the games most memorable sequences and thrill audiences.


After the success of the 2002 FINAL FANTASY concert held in Japan, SQUARE ENIX announced a six-city, seven-show tour of Japan in 2004 entitled Tour de Japon: music from FINAL FANTASY. Conducted by Arnie Roth, the 2005 U.S. concert tour Dear Friends: music from FINAL FANTASY marked the first series of concerts featuring the music of FINAL FANTASY outside Japan. The award-winning music was then featured in More Friends: music from FINAL FANTASY in Los Angeles. Later that year, the Voices: music from FINAL FANTASY concert took place in Yokohama, again under the direction of Arnie Roth who is now looking forward to present Distant Worlds: music from FINAL FANTASY concerts all over the world.

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